A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


One of the neighbors (wild guess at who it could have been... I'm not sayin.. I'm just sayin..)decided that to prove a point about the pine needles and leaves in the driveway (in Karl's driveway... the one on his property)they'd scoop up some of them and stuff them into the mailbox.

I feel pretty much the same way I felt when the psycho came to the door and flipped out that day. I don't really feel okay or 'safe' regarding the neighbors. I feel like at any moment he's going to pop back up and I'm going to have to deal with him, call the cops, have another big scene in front of the house.

Why is the state of someone else's lawn so important to this guy?

I realize now he's got a vendetta... but to have a life that tiny is amazing to me. To be that bold and upfront about the fact that you've got so little going on for yourself that you need to harass the fuck out of a neighbor who doesn't put forth the same amount of anal retentive lawn effort that you do is just fucking insane.

So I'm not a happy camper today.
I feel like I'm not allowed to poke my head out of the house.
I almost got out the broom and snagged that rake from the shed so I could sweep everything up... but I dunno if I want to do that or not or... well what to do really. I have both a fear and a weird 'c'mon fucker' kind of feeling about him popping up here again, especially while Karl's at work. I'm here alone the majority of the day and he seems to get home from.. wherever at a *really* early hour. So there is a lot of time there where he could pop on over.
The whole thing just leaves me upset. Like the at home tension of living with my father. Except he's outside of the house and not in it.

I've got the front blinds wide open today. If he decides to make another statement, I want to catch him in the act. Plus being able to look out and NOT see him there makes it more difficult to be paranoid that he's there.

what utter bullshit this all is.

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