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Tourettes syndrome does not cause seizures.
Epilepsy (and other diseases and conditions) can cause seizures.
The *majority* of seizures caused by epilepsy are petit mal seizures.
Petit Mal seizures are not *visible* seizures.
There will be no flopping of the body, no jerking about, no flailing.
Ther person experiencing the seizure will probably stare fixedly at something, unblinking and their body will proably stiffen up and then they'll stop. They'll be confused and may have a bit of memory loss. If they said or did anything during the time of the seizure, the chances are very high that they will not remember it.

My aunt has epilepsy. My cousin has epilepsy. I've been around for Petit and Grande mal seizures.
They have NOTHING TO DO with Tourettes...

Tourettes syndrome does not necessarily make people spit out cuss words. It MAY cause them facial and body tics and twitches. It MAY cause them to just say things out of turn, inappropriately and non sensically. It's not *usually* foul language, just repetative grunts and exclamations that are distracting and sometimes frightening for the people around them.
It's a neurological disorder, not a mental disorder.

Oh and also..
Multiple Personality disorder is NOT Bi-Polar disorder. They are not interchangeable phrases for the same thing.
Schizophrenia is also NOT Multiple Personality disorder. They are not interchangeable phrases for the the same thing.
Depression is not the same as Bi-Polar disorder. Some *aspects* of Bi-polar disorder include symptoms that could be called depression... but they are NOT the same thing.

Here's where it might get a bit confusing...
There's a difference between a sociopath and a pyschopath. They were once used interchangeably. But they are recognized as different things now.
A sociopath is very very antisocial. Hermits, people with extreme agoraphobia.. they are sociopaths. They have an extreme dislike of people and contact with people.
A Psychopath is also very antisocial, but their antisocial nature tends toward *agressive and violent* reaction to people and contact with people.

on a different note...
A serial killer is someone who, according to the FBI's definition of the phrase, has killed at least 3 people over a length of time with 'cooling down' periods in between murders and usually with a marked ritual or *point* to the murders. They also tend to blend in really well with 'normal' people and live seemingly healthy, happy lives, killing in secret sometimes for many years before they are discovered.
They also tend to be of above average intelligence and take the time to plan everything they can about their murders.

That's USUALLY... not always. There are many 'types' of serial killers.

A mass murderer is anyone who kills a LOT of people, wether it's all at once (like richard speck who killed 7 nursing student in one night), or over a chunk of time, usually several days (they're usually called Spree killers).
Someone who sets off a bomb that kills a lot of people is a mass murderer, not a serial killer.
Someone who kills 15 people over the course of a week in a cross country rampage is a mass murderer, not a serial killer.

I know.. I know.. the distinction seems arbitrary.. but it makes a huge difference in the psychology of the person and why they're doing what they're doing.

Okay... I think those are all the ones I saw today that annoyed me.
Reading through people's livejournals doesn't make me stupid, but it makes me feel like maybe if I were, I'd be happier.

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