A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This makes me a little crazy.

For some reason I can't see LJ mail through the standard webmail interface that Karl uses for the mail server. It hasn't always been that way, something just ... changed one day and I couldn't see it anymore.
LJ claimed at the time there was NOTHING on their end that changed... but I think they're full of crap. heh.
Anyway.. I can see titles and who it was from, but I can't see the actual body of the message, which means I don't know which journal and I don't know what was actually said.

Right now I have an anonymous message in the inbox. So I can't tell who it's from. And I can't tell what they said.
ANd I have no idea where the *hell* this was posted at, so I can't just go find the post (as I normally would).

It's either someone that got pissy with me and went the coward route. Or it's someone who doesn't have LJ.
Or it's someone who went even FURTHER down the coward route and after posting went back and deleted it.
So until I can see the mail, I'll never know.
And until I get a mail reader, I won't see the mail.
Outlook sucks, I don't like netscape.. I mean I could always use eudora or opera, but their mail readers aren't much better. I know... I've tried them all.

So I'll just be *saving* this piece of mail until then.. hehe.. because I *must* know what was said.

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