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I had some very very vivid weird ass dreams last night.
I'm not going to go into super amounts of detail here, but in one it was like I was living a video game/action movie. I had a team of people with me who gave me support basically while I went from room to room in this HUUGE mansion to find and destroy all the zombie/mummies that were there.
But I had to get past the real rooms into the fake rooms for different sections (or levels if you will) of the mansion and that involved like... finding the hidden panel in the ceiling... looking for the bit of wall that was colored just sliightly different than the others. Basically, I had to find secrets (I think ID was the first to really do that sort of thing, but who knows).

At one point I think Marilyn Manson was there shooting a video or something and I insisted it wasn't safe and he took it at his own risk... I think that story line just trailed off. But there was also a zombie/mummy reporter chick there making sure that they weren't being depicted in a bad light. Because apparently there were the actual *zombies* and then there were people who'd been attacked by zombies, but had survived and had not themselves turned into zombies. However, they took on the skin color, texture and ick of a zombie.
So basically their skin decayed, but otherwise they were normal people.
So she wanted to make sure that we were only attacking real zombie people, and how we told the difference, and I said something pithy like "they do that foot draggety thing don't they?" and everyone was terribly amused but her.

heheh.. yes, there is more detail I could be going into, but I'm not.

My dreams have been really really visually rich lately. I like it. And except for that one the other day that involved guys on bikes chasing me though slumland backyards... they've been relatively danger/horror/nightmare stuff free.
I think the reason for the zombie thing last night was a combination of looking for horror stuff at Tower, Looking up Horror stuff on Netflix and getting details about horror stuff on IMDB. hehe No WONDER I dreamt of zombies.

On the other hand, near the end of the dream it switched to basically a different time and place and different events and I was living with Karl but in a sort of...cross between Zion in the Matrix Reloaded and where the bridge people lived in Johnny Mnemonic.
And for some reason I ended up in a long conversation with Rosemary Clooney.
She was incredibly nice and smoking a brand of cigarettes called "Les Piers"

So maybe they were *both* zombie dreams.

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