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Yesterday I decided I had to look up these insects that I keep finding dead around the house (the kitties are such good little hunters... sometimes). It was definitely a cricket, but I'd never seen one this this before.
Weird little mutanty crickets.
Camel crickets.

I got the idea that maybe these were them when Alicia said something about them in this thread. (Though it looks like everyone thought she meant camel spiders... which are icky too, now that I look them up. Apparently they're the fastest known unflying arthropod, being capable of running up to 10 mph and they look like something from a Hieronymous Bosch painting)
And I lucked out and was right.
I dunno how they are when they're alive... but when they're curled on their side and crunchy.. they're the freakiest lil things outside of molecrickets I've ever seen.

Camel Cricket

Camel Spider

Mole Cricket

The best page I found about it was a geocities page... all about the mole cricket love songs. you should go take a look.. if nothing else than to wonder at the meticulous attention this guy has given to mole cricket songs...
and because they're super damned weird looking.

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