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I am a goober. But a goober with asparagus.

Last night, Karl was running some errands. I didn't realize how long he'd be so when I looked up and realized it was almost 10 o'clock I got worried. I called his phone and he wasn't answering it... so the worry shot through the roof.
I was worried, not totally freaking out, but having to rein it in definitely.
As soon as he answered his phone I ended up bursting into tears, relieved.

I must get that sort of crap under control. Really. I make myself so miserable with unecessary worry.
There's reasons for it... but reasons just become excuses when you're putting yourself through shit that you can so easily do without.

He came home with tons of vegetables for me and books on user interface and user testing and so forth and a book on office XP, all of which are things I'd talked about wanting or needing to learn more about.
He also got Wigfield the new book by Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, and Amy Sedaris.
He took so long because he was out trying to get things for me that he knew would make me happy.

After being very understanding and reassuring about my little crying jag... he made me dinner.
He made me grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Two different kinds of cheese. Two different kinds of bread.
Just for me.
This sounds like nothing. But none of that is stuff that he would eat. And not only did he make it for me, he went out of his way to go get the ingredients to make it.

And then we watched some of the Strangers With Candy first season dvd.

I am Love-ed.
yay !

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