A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

la la la .. rain rain rain

The only reason I'm not working is the fact that it's raining and thundering and lightning and there's just no way in hell I'm letting a storm take out all my work. Saved and backed up numerous times, bebe.

But the rain *is* nice and the thunder is just gaddamned INSANE.

And there's kitty puke on top of that audio monitor over there that I should really clean up.
Ah the brains don't work in mysterious ways, ja?

I really want to watch Goldmember again. Because he's got a dutch ackshent. And yesh, itch veird.

The other night I saw Darkness Falls and I have to say that it was pretty excellent for a horror retelling of the tooth fairy story. I walked through the house later that night veeerry freaked out by how pitch black everything was and convinced that there was someone standing by the door.
Oh.. and seen way after the fact (I'm a little slow), Punch Drunk Love. Why didn't any of you people tell me this movie was this good, eh? Or uh... did you not see it either? I didn't have any interest in it when it came out because I was really really really fucking bitter about anything even remotely related to 'love' and it looked like some sort of trendilly twisted romantic comedy. Like a Farrelly brothers movie with a spike jonze look.
And I was wrong.
And it was good.
and yay.

Karl's birthday is coming up. Get him stuff. He'll HATE you for it and it'll ROCK.

Now I try to catch up on you guys a little bit and watch Karl play Neverwinter Nights. I've never played it, but it's like watching a fucked up semi-interactive tv show with nice graphics... and I already know all the rules because I once escaped a life of D&D geekdom. I don't usually enjoy games like this.. but I might actually play this one or Diablo (which Karl set up for me, but I haven't had the time for yet). I'm more of a 'have chainsaw will gib you' sort of gamer, to be honest.
Let me kill stuff and I'm a happy camper.
That's why I never really got into myst.. not enough headshots.

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