A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm feeling very gushy sentimental about things.
I just went to get some coffee and the smell from the lillies hit me before I was around the corner. Dammit I love flowers. Lillies aren't even something I would pick out to be included in a bouquet... they aren't on my list of favorites... but they're perfect for the arrangement and the way they smell is incredible. Makes me want to have fresh lillies in the house *all* the time.

But then I'd probably just get used to it.

Karl brought home a very large spray of flowers last night. I'm finishing up some work stuff and it's that time of things where I'm up all hours working. The all hours working thing is a combination of having a tight schedule for things and my insane and unrelenting anal retentiveness. I have a tendency to get lost in the details and so end up so disgustingly frustrated.
I was sort of feeling like that yesterday.

Karl knew I needed a little extra niceness so I got flowers. ::nods::

Today... Today I finish working on this stuff. I look forward to a little break after this. Not too LONG of a break, mind you... for all the stressyness I cause myself... I *like* what I'm doing right now.

What I *don't* like right now is microsoft word's photo editing options. BLEH. Don't format the whole thing to arial just let me add something to the title GADDAMIT. Nice pretty graph... dead now.

This weekend... we shall drink.
Oh yes... we shall.
Karl has said he'll do some cooking, we're going to make a replenishment run to the ABC and then, sloppy drunk, here we come.

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