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I was deleting some old mail and found a comment from someone on photography who felt I was being personally insulting when I said the picture they posted reminded me of tired old ladies in bars.
It was an impression sort of thing, and well, I didn't realize it was a closeup of her own eye that she was posting and not just the horribly over-mascara-ed eye of someone she just happened to know. So she was very offended and pissed off that I critiqued the photo in the first place (but she seemed just fine with the praise she'd gotten before, especially based off the Jane Mansfield icon everyone seemed to think was her... because people are idiots who have no idea who Jane Mansfield is).

So after reading that today I decided to skip on over to her journal.
First of all, she's one of those chicks who set her colors to red on black.
And she's anti-caps unless it's all-caps and carries those tell tale signs of mental rot, the multiple punctuation marks.
"!!!!!!!!!!" or "?????????" or the worst of them all "?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
She also doesn't believe in periods, rather employing lopsided elipses for all of her sentence breaks.
It's a REALLY interesting read.

I can't guage her age at all. If I had to guess from the bad makeup in the original photography photo, the Angelina Jolie icons, and her general usage of the english language, I'd say she's about 22 or so. Certainly no more.

Her methed out brother stole a lot of money from her and her psycho-ex is loaning her money but being a freak at her at the same time while she's pining over some guy who is a friend of her brother's but who is a nice enough guy that he doesn't want to screw around with his friend's sister.
She posted an IM conversatoin where some guy tried to play psychologist for her and unearth all this rampant sexualtiy she's been expressing by posting pics of her boobs and screaming "WHY IS EVERYONE HAVING SEX BUT ME?????ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR GOD DAMMIT...ITSSSS NOTTTTTTT FAIRRRRRRR".
To which she replied that she certainly *wasn't* a slut and how dare imply that and she hasn't had sex in four months and she isn't just going to 'throw that all away'.

The nice thing is, that when this guy that she's all about but who citing the moral implications of screwing around with a friend's sister slept at her house last week he chose to sleep in the room with her, but not WITH her. Though she mentions that he could have slept in her daughter's room.

Someone messaged her and told her she reveals too much in her LJ. She just doesn't think so.

"oh god this is pissing me the fuck off.. he wont go with me cause hes my brothers friend.. he already told me he would if he wasent.. makes no sense.. well the bro wint be around anymore after today anyway cause he checking into rehab tomorrow... he alreay said we can do whatever we want.. oh this is pissing me off... i need to go.. CALL OR NOT TO CALL.. he said he felt bad cause he was gunna come back out oin Friday and when i called him he said he drank too much and he was sick.. he did leave the bar early cause someone told me... call and say what? please tell me again chris how u cannot be with me cause of my brother.. i told him last night its not like i want to marry you.. lets just ya know... oh god.. i dont do that.. im gunna go for real this time "

Aaaaah holy crap I just found her age...
"Im friggin 30 years old.. and this guy I'm talking about is 30 too.. it's time to stop using people and grow the fuck up.. I want to settle down and get out of Jersey.. not play baby games that we have all playing when we were like 16, 17.. we are grown ups now... Im done with this teenage shit"

"It's fucking 8 o'clock in the morning... I need to get my dealer on the phone and get my Xanax.. cause I really need sleep.. I have so much shit on my mind and I cant go to sleep at a normal time.. oh well...
BTW.. Im not a crazy bitch.. "


Man... some days I miss LJ

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