A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Today is so weird

I just woke up weird. I feel slightly out of step.
Now, I can't get the ISP to work. I can't get it to let me sign on. It just keeps telling me to contact the member services. Far from pissing me off (which normally it would be) I just keep wondering what I'm doing wrong. Who did I piss off and have report me as a spammer? Is my checking account overdrawn? Is my payment fucked up? This happened before. I waited a little while and it worked. But that was after I'd been online that day already. I haven't used the ISP since about 2 in the morning and then it was just to send two really quick mails and that was that.

I kinda have a lot to do today. So.. I kinda need for this to work. And uhmmm... it's kinda not. herm.

Margie has decreed (in her kitty ways) that everything on the desk is a plaything. The notebooks, the cds, bottle caps, pens, pieces of paper, base charger for the mouse, bag of mini rainbow chips deluxe... it's all a toy and she means TO PLAY with it, dammit.

And I've really just discovered that I don't know how to sit quietly, be patient, and wait for answer to come. I keep going through help files and checking the time to see if Karl is around yet to ping a question off of. I keep wondering if I should try rebooting everything again, as it all worked at 2 am and what could have possibly changed in 8 hours?
I have no patience with things like this.

Heh.. the CD decks are finally back in their rightful place on the shelves. Karl got them back on the fourth of July from the guy who was borrowing them, but just recently set them back up as he and some other people (like Mistah Po-Arch who did come over a few nights ago and spin some incredibly gaddamn cool and obscure soul and funk 45s)are probably going to be putting together mixes that may not necessarily be all from vinyl. The kitties though... the kitties missed them the most I think.
They stay *warm*, ya seee...
They've been taking turns on them since they were plugged back in. I have many a photo of one or another of the kitties hanging out on the decks from way back when I first popped into this picture.

I want to beat up all the pretentious photo people on LJ who post pics of their dog doing something cute and then demand that someone else have 'a deeper meaning' to their photos...
Perhaps it's just visually stunning, asshat.
It's that a reason to take a photo?
Apparently not. Apparently you have to have a calculated meaning, reasoning, method, and means.

Some of my favorite photos are ones I took without focusing, without thinking, in the moment of something when I saw something and thought for a second "ooh!" and snapped.

Maybe it's just being a sucker for spectacle. But I think the idea that all photographs have to have meaning before they can be taken seriously does some serious damage to the soul of the thing in the first place.
That's like planning out schedules of affection for your partner. That's like saying the only way to be 'artistic' is to never be spontaneous...

and holy fuck it just got dark outside...

more storms I guess.

I guess I'll just be closing this spreadsheet with all my notes now and saving it on the nice safe network drive.

heh.. I wonder if the guys who cut the grass are here. It never fails. They show up, it rains. They're great, nice guys who've really worked their asses off (and done so cheaply) to get the yard back in shape... but they apparently don't watch the weather.

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