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Having a virus scan take this long (on the other machine) makes me want to just get rid of everything that isn't absolutely necessary.
It's not BAD for a machine with hardrives that big.. in fact it's really damned good. Only takes about half an hour and updates itself every night and runs itself every night.
But I am a picky one.

I got this bizarre piece of mail the other day from the social security administration letting me know how much in social security and medicare I've paid and what my benefits as of right now will be when I hit retirement age.
Nice of them to fake it that there's going to be available social security.
BUT... based on their numbers, if I were disabled and unable to work, I could get $500 a month.
Which, thinking about it... isn't that much.. but at the time it was like "WOAH! $500!"

And I remember a time when a certain someone was getting $500 a week from unemployment (for well over A YEAR) .. And yet, still, broke non stop. $500 isn't a lot per month... but per WEEK? When you aren't paying rent, aren't paying bills, aren't buying groceries, and you're still ending up broke as shit after a few days.. it's time to buy less weed. Having that happen now and again, fine.. but having that happen *every* week. Bullshit.

Hey man , I can rant after the fact. Becuase uh... because I'm petty obviously. Hehehe

The weather is gorgeous again, making me think it's high time for a laptop upgrade (and since this one sort of took a crap last week and is just booting in a loop) . I might put off buying a new computer and get a laptop instead. That way I can take it into the office when I need to go in and it will still have all my files and work and a full office suite (instead of just the excel *reader* that's on the current one) as well as letting me have a little bit of freedom of movement. I'd love to be able to do this work crap chilling on the big comfy couches downstairs with the windows open instead of always up here where it's just harder to catch the breeze. I'd just like to take advantage of this wireless network and branch out a little, ya know?

Dunno.. haven't decided what's more important right now and right now it's definitely an either/or proposition.
A computer I can get in stages, a bit at a time, whenever the money is there for it. A case here, the power supply there, Cording and fans, etc. picking up the brainy bits last (as there's no telling how the processing speeds will be before we get it built, and there's always a chance for a deal). But a laptop.. you just go buy a laptop. As Karl said, it's more of an investment. I think that's what sort of leaves me trepidatious about it. What if it's the *WRONG* investment, ya know?

So... New flat panel for the music machine is the top priority for non essential "when we have the money" stuff I think. Becuase Karl needs to be making music.
Then we'll look at a computer/laptop for me.

And then.... pie.

ah yes... pie.

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