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The nice thing about Geeks.

The nice thing about Geeks, is that, when I ask them to tell me *exactly* what the screen says, they usually will. Most non geeks will just keep rewording what's there or leaving out something that's check marked or grayed out.
Geeks will let me know that there is an option for this thing... but it isn't active, and they only get this option when they do this thing in specific, never another time, and this is repeatable.
They'll let me know EXACTLY what they've already done to try to fix it, and will usually stop after a few simple things when the realize they're in very unclear territory.

Non geeks will have a tendency to write me with stuff like "it's not working. Help me."
Geeks will write me with "I'm getting a brown error box when I go to open my mailbox. It says "synchronization error :002103" in black text and nothing else, providing no 'cancel' 'accept' 'okay' or other input buttons, and when I attempt to click around it, it gives me an error noise and does not move."

on the other hand, Geeks will also have a tendency to be snotty about things just becuase they think they know a little bit. So... really, it's a trade off.
More hand holding with the non geeks, but less attitude.
(And I also get the 'but you're a girl' thing from some of them... which you can just a imagine how THAT goes over)


I got paid over the weekend, but haven't had a chance to actually deposit the checks.
I'll be getting a computer soon, as this one is getting a little more dodgy all the time and I just need hardware that I can really *trust*.
I'm still thinking that I'll go with the putrid, horrid, green case.

It's great.

I've gotten bad about talking to myself. I've been having full on conversations with no one and nothing during the day. Talking about what I'm doing. Explaining out loud why it is I did something this way, or the way that that will work. Sometimes, if I'm "presenting" the information to someone, it's easier to feel like I own it and have everything where I need it.
It also tells me really quickly just what it is I'm missing.

So I'm officially insane.

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