A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Ya know.. had the hurricane been a huge nasty thing up this way (allowing me to put off the turn in date for the stuff I'm working on) then I really wouldn't *mind* that I have no cable connection right now.
But since all it really did was rain a lot and cause some power outages (and we have to boil our water for a few days. heh. That's fun and new) I'm really sort of annoyed that the cable is knocked out.
It means I have to find some random dialer and try to dial in to get my mail. Since the dialers are pretty crappy in the first place, the connection drops every 5 minutes.
But well, we never really lost power and there's no flooding right around here so I guess I can't complain too much.

This is not so with where I just moved from. I know my brother has power again, and Im' sure there was flooding in his area, though I've yet to talk to him. My mom and dad I'm not sure about. Their power was out by noon on Thursday. I talked to them friday and it was looking like they'd be without power for quite awhile, though my dad was bringing home a generator just to keep the fridge and freezer from letting everything rot.
I tried calling last night and got a busy signal... strange considering the only time they get busy signals is if the phone is dead or off the hook.

My sister I'm sure is going to be without power or phone for quite awhile. She's in rural nowhere North Carolina... they loose phone service in a high wind, let alone an actual hurricane. And because of where her husband works and what he does, he was up in Norfolk at the hospital (building engineer at a children's hospital) for the storm and she was down there with the dog and cats.

It's weird knowing that chunks of Va beach are flooded and ripped up and no one has power and so forth and then to realize that I'm not there anymore. We watched movies all night with the windows all wide open to listen to the wind and were generally disappointed by the lack of a show. We lost power for a few minutes here and there during the night and sometime in the wee hours of the morning we lost power for at least an hour, probably more... but hell, we were sleeping. The only reason we knew about it was the incessant beeping of the server tower.

But for now, I've got no real connectivity, no tv, and no mail server. Their ETA on Friday was by 5pm. Their ETA on Saturday was who the hell knows when.
I know this is horribly picky of me.
And like I said... had there been more of an actual hurricane in the area, I would understand and feel lucky. But since it was really just a brush and 2 inches of rain, I'm a little annoyed.

But Karl got friday off. And besides drinking some Jaegermeister and having my body make it clear to me that that is NOT an okay substance (horribly sick later in the night and most of the day yesterday), it's been a pretty nice weekend. More time with the Mister is always a good thing. But the worrying gene has kicked in and now I just *have* to get ahold of my mom.

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