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Last week (on the 16th) it was our sixth month anniversary. We were both burnt out, cranky, and I'd been pretty miserable for awhile. Karl came home in a foul mood because whatever it was he'd tried to accomplish just wasn't happening, and I'd honestly been really incredibly miserable all day, hyperventilating and find small dark places to sit to just get my head together... not happy stuff. But, despite both our stresses we went out. We went to Filomena's in Georgetown for dinner and had what is absolutely the best italian food I've had outside of Il Pilazzo in new york. The waiter was just freakin incredible with the wine knowledge and the food was *incredible*.
We drained two bottles of wine there, closed the place down, had a wonderful time, then ended up at this little clubby place called Paper Moon where Karl had a few more drinks and we watched all the little ho-girls and frat boys get really into the HORRIBLE DJ.
He chose CRAP songs, didn't beat match, didn't mix at all, didn't even ATTEMPT to cross fade, and then at one point actually tried to do some scratching that sounded like someone bumped his decks.

The cab driver we got home was so damned great. His name was Abdul and he just knew that the next time he saw us we would have "many children". hehe.
We actually had a discussion with him about what it means to be Muslim, the belief structure, spirituality, and how it just boils down to be decent and good to your fellow man. He even explained (but without seeming defensive) why his native Pakistan did not just hand over Osama Bin Laden to American authorities.
Karl and I are good at spotting the bullshitters, and he just wasn't. When he praised his country for their devout adherence to their culture he meant it just as much as when he praised America for the wealth of freedoms available here.

It was just this great conversation. He was so into talking to us that he forgot to turn on the meter. We gave him a big ol tip for the ride and he opened my car door for me.. shook both our hands and gave me a hug.
It was surreal and wonderful

Last weekend we took a short impromptu trip down to virginia beach because I hadn't seen my mom in 6 months and it just needed to be done.
My parents (especially my mom) just freaking adore Karl.
We went out to dinner Saturday night and ended up fixing their computer with a newer OS and a new hard drive. My sister was being interestingly but pointlessly rude at one point, mainly because she was in a foul mood and she's of the mind that she should never suffer a mood alone so she goes out of her way to make everyone else miserable as well.

I still need to get my dad a present or something. His birthday was Monday.

My bank has switched hands and is now BB&T.I don't feel like I should have to carry a $1,000 balance in order to have unlimited check writing so I'm going to be cancelling that out.

We've booked tickets to London and France. The hotels aren't completely worked out yet, but I'm sure that will be fine. Today I have to order a copy of my birth certificate with the state's rush service and then I have to go get my passport. We also have to find a way to do some shopping before we go as neither of us really have a lot of clothing and I don't have clothes warm enough for *this* climate, let alone England's. Besides, I'd like to have more than one pair of shoes, and I'd like them not to be beat up Vans.

We picked up some software for French as my French is so rusty that I can't remember very simple phrases except for those things that will never help me like "many happy children" or eddie izzard quotes.."Ou et La Sange?". Karl doesn't speak French at all and he wants to be able to say things like "I mean no offense to the culinary genious of the chef, but can I get this with no cream? I apologize sincerely for my requests."

Or uhm.. something like that. heh.

So yeah.. that's where I'm at with things. Incredibly stressed out, looking forward to travel, very much in love, happy little Holly freak.

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