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Yesterday in the mail I got a propaganda kit from unamerican.com.
Awhile back I ordered some stuff from their site (check it out, !!!sriri has some great stuff for a whole range of people into anti establisment thought) and they asked if, in the future when they got something together, would I be interested in helping them with a lil propaganda. I said sure, of course.
I had completely forgotten about it, and when I felt the heft of the package got a lil scared that I had ordered something and forgotten about it and it was going to get billed to my already almost empty account.
And when I opened it, I got even more scared, because I didn't remember ordering this many "FUCK WORK" stickers.
But then I saw a stack of catalogues and the lil note.
Propaganda package from !!!tim.
Basically, they want me to distribute the stickers (on counting them it turned out I had 441 one of them) and document it with pictures and stories that they can share on their site and possibly turn into ads. They really love feedback at unamerican.
And, if I pass them all out and give them lil status reports, they'll not only give me more to distribute, but possibly free stuff as a thank you.
I don't really care about the free stuff, but that's a nice bonus.
I was just a giddy little freak for several hours. Really made my day. I've already hatched 3 billion plans about what I'll do with them.
A chunk of them are going to Mistah Lovah Lovah so he can do a lil distributing and disruption in the pacific northwest. I offered some to Mr. Questions but he declined, saying he doesn't agree with the sentiment. Again, he misses the point.
So hopefully I can hook up with spank sometime in the next week and maybe his lead singer Eric or our friend David and reek a lil mind expansion.

My brother let me know today that the receptionist position at Data Line has been filled, but that they'll keep my resume 'on file' in case anything else opens.
That's okay though, because I was already regretting even applying. Being chained to a desk answering phones would kill me. I've done enough sitting on my ass the last couple months. I need to move.
So, there's plenty of the usual retail crap in the area that I'd be fine with. As long as it isn't a superstore or a lil discount department store, I'll be fine.
Office supplies, imports, books, music.
There's lots of retail that I could actually dig doing.

I've been having lots of crazy big huge thoughts lately.
None of them seem ready to poke out though.
So I'll quit trying to extract them. If I yank too hard at the tick, the head will pop off and stay inside, infecting me.
Gotta just... let it lie for a bit.

Tim felt the need to bribe me over to his house earlier by showing up here, handing me two packs of cigarettes, and leaving.
He chose camel wides, so , I have to say it would have been effective if I had realized that it was a bribe and not just him being weird before I went over.
he just missed me, he said.
He said that I don't come over enough.
Keep in mind he lives *right* down the street and passes me house every day.
It's not as if he can't come over here.
Or call.
hell, he could probably step outside his door and yell my name and I'd hear him.
But he's a silly man.... so yes... I can see his problem.
Still not comfortable around Mike. That's one of the reasons I haven't been going over. I need to go over and be around Mike or I'll NEVER be comfortable with him again.

Grr... damned emotional poo.

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