A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


From CraigslistDC in the rants section:
The title is "You don't reciprocate, then what the hell are you good for?"

Major Rant:
You want me to come down to DC late at night because you don't believe in reciprocation and you want me to give you head and then come back to VA in a cab paid for by your ten drink minimum at a club that charges you 8.50 per drink and you will ask the cab driver to pay him with Visa instead he does not accept American Express to insure that I get home, and you are a retail business Manager for American Express. Its great to know that cab drivers have wireless credit card machines built in their cabs, it must be the new high tech gadget never mentioned but dedicated to Select cabbies by American Express Cabbie Connections. Do you think that I will let you blow your load in my mouth after ten double highballs, then three jacks? I have no flavor fantasies or fetishes for bitter tasting cum and urine flavored testicles, a cock that has no upper momentum and I sure as hell won't lick your ass when I'd rather make Pepper spray an acceptable Salad dressing, and you want me to suck and swallow your load when I could suck off a geriatric queen's cock and get more cum that you could ever put out in a single burst and enjoy having it swallowed. I will not settle for your ongoing obsession with No-Doze and your cravings for Rush inhalants bottled exclusively from paint department at Home Depot. Oh by the way, I am gay proud and love sucking gay cock, and why should I blow your straight but Southbound cock, lick your unwiped hairy ass, and attempt to swallow your cum laced with its 100 proof intoxicant, watch you absorb Rush and expell your brain matter into a roll of bounty, then see you drive home and leave me in DC with a disgruntled Cab driver who hasn't caught up with the changing trends in American Express and its Wireless Cabbie Connections unauthorized and delayed public announcement, suck a geriatric queen and pass out in heavenly extinction, when I can fuck myself with a pickled red hot Korean Radish and get my orgasm burning out of me plus a spicy pickle for the day to keep you away and you are defenitely pickling your liver and you are one shriveled up pickle that will never become a cucumber, Thanks for the offer but No thanks.

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