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This is probably completely and utterly wrong of me...

But I really really like Joan Jett's version of Crimson and Clover.

I think it's just the way she says "Ooovaaah"

I'm a sucker for strange pronunciations in songs.. well when it isn't annoying the fuck out of me.. like how Greg Graffin mispronounces "beatitudes" in uh .. that one song that sounds like all of Bad Religion's other songs... you know the one..

But uh .. the one with 'beatitude' in it... mispronounced.

Ya know... I listened to the 90s channel on XM earlier because I had to switch for the Humpty Dance (heh) and then I discovered that they have the *most* *grating* *djs* fuckin EVER.
AND they have no fucking clue how to adjust their gain. Then on top of it.. the 90s really sucked music wise.

SO it's back to the 80s for me where Heidi is playing the long version of Grand Master Flash's White Lines.

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