A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

You all Need XM

It might be the slow drizzly rain from the last couple days, it might be the general gloom... it might just be the fact that Fred has been on this pretty mellow kick this morning and have played *3* different Joy Division songs, some stuff from Sonic Youth, a pre-industrial Ministry track (work for love), and now it's Accidents Never Happen from Blondie. All I know is I'm feeling pretty... low... at the moment. Not in a depressed way, but I could so see myself staring out a window with a soulful/tragic look on my face right now.

It's good music, but I am far too influenced by my environment to take too much more of that kind of thing.

However, I'm loath to switch it over to the much more upbeat 80s station as they're currently playing Let's Get Physical and will probably follow that with Huey Lewis and The News or maybe yet ANOTHER Journey song.

Don't get me wrong... most of the stuff they play is fine... but if I wanted to hear 10 different Journey songs a day, I'd go buy an album. And the 80s station tends to blatantly ignore anything but the pop tart, super popular stuff from the 80s. So I never get to hear.. say.. a Madness track, but wait five minutes and you'll catch them playing Obsession by Animotion... AGAIN.

OKay.. and now Fred is playing Patti Smith in their One Revolution Around the Sun - 1979 set...
I'm *sorry* that the dj's chicky broke up with him or something, but dammit dude...

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