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I've been busy.
I'm still very busy.
Maybe by the end of the week I will stop being busy.
That would be nice.

If people mean 'fuck off'... even in live journal world where it's a lot easier to just nod along... why the hell don't they just say 'fuck off'?

AIM is a fine product and all... but the recent addition of streaming clips with sound which have no on/off in the usual fucking annoying ad space is really starting to piss me off and consider using trillian instead or hack out the ad content in AIM, which I've avoided doing so far because it's a pain.

Playing Diablo II Lord of Destruction has gone from "yeah I'll give it a shot" to "we need another mule to carry these pieces of the Angelic set because I'm still combining Runes and don't have the space".

Also, the druid and necromancer characters... could they be a little more goth boy please? Any minute now they're going to plop down and start writing poetry.

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