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Puppy stuff

- The dog has decided that she's a cat and can't understand why Maryann keeps hissing at her, but doesn't hiss at Margie, and why they just don't want to play with her

- The dog has also decided that the dog food just isn't for her and she much prefers the cat food, which, I've discovered, gives her *lovely* diahrea

- Furthermore we've now entered the terrible twos of the puppyhood where anything and everything she can get her teeth on is up for chewing, especially paper products such as tissues and mail

- I'd say something here about the bits of cat hair in the corners that she just can't resist, but she's nearly eaten all of those, so the cat hair buffet isn't holding quite the temptation that it did a few weeks ago, though she did manage last night to unearth a HUGE fur ball from somewhere in the house and had a good long chomp on that

- We're convinced she's part great dane and not part mastiff as she looks nothing like a mastiff at all and looks exactly like a great dane puppy about her same age (14 week great dane puppy) with very few differences

- Her favorite toy today is a big plastic lid she found somewhere. I think she likes it because its loud.

- Her front teeth are at a length now that I'm sure they'll be falling out and scaring the crap out of me any time now to make way for the adult teeth, of which the side teeth (blessedly absent up to now) have already come in, making the "no biting" rule that much more important

- It is currently 19 degrees outside with a wind chill temp of 3 degrees and later on it will warm up to a whopping 25 degrees with a wind chill of 11 before it gets down to about 19 again tonight and no fence means standing out there with her while she chases leaves and finds the optimal spot from which to eat dirt and pick up rocks to chew on

- She loves ice cubes, I hate random puddles

- She just 'final killed' her blanket

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