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One more thing

So, we have a channel set up on the replay box to tape Cops. Becuase Cops is funny, dammit.

Well, it also picks up Animal Cops, which more often than not is way too disturbing or upsetting to actually watch. I decided to watch this episode before I delted it.

Some puppies were brought in almost dead from heatstroke with temperatures of 106.
They were cooled off and saved. They went to the home of the person who brought them in and found more puppies and an adult pit bull. The mother of the owner of the dogs was there and said the owner is 16. Michigan has a law stating you can't own a pitbull until you're 18. Apparently dog fighting is a major issue in detroit. So they seize the dogs.
Also, they say that the Michigan humane society has a policy of NOT ADOPTING OUT pit bulls becuase they feel they are too dangerous. And so the dog will be destroyed. The puppies don't *appear* to be pit bull puppies though, so they'll adopt those out.

ANY DOG is dangerous when you train it to be dangerous. What an insane policy for a HUMANE society to have regarding a breed of animal. It's like saying that animals who are abused and have agression issues because of it should just be destroyed as they're dangerous.


on another note, mika likes shoes. She doesn't mind bitter apple either.


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Feb. 6th, 2004 09:28 am (UTC)
fooey is the most evil dog deterrant is the history of dog ownership. you need to spray that shit outdoors...

animal precienct is better than animal cops, cause the rules are different in NYC, and dude, they carry guns.

but, i understand the rule in detroit. it's not that dangerousness...it's the incredible horrific dog fighting problem they have. i hate the idea of those poor dogs not being able to be placed in loving homes, but i'd rather peaceful euthanasia than the dog fighting life. or being bait dogs.

it also helped that the episode i watched the person who had to do it was totally crying and upset, and was there the whole time.
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