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Stuff and things

Looking around LiveJournal, I keep finding these things that I usually really like being heavily associated with the most broken, sad, needy, unwilling to help themselves sort of little girls.
Like all the goths I used to know who were obsessed with Burroughs.. but who, for the most part, didn't really get it at all.
I know I'm being very very broad here, but well, I can be bothered to be nicer/more accurate.
I also think that intellectualism is being dragged through the mud on LJ (and well, in general) by people who think that throwing out every 25 cent word they know will make people believe they are intelligent.. and they *desperately* need to be thought of as intelligent.
I'm a bright girl. I don't need to prove it all the time. If I did, then that would probably mean I'm not quite as bright as I want people to think I am.

Anyway... completely different topic....

Me and Karl are starting to work out where and when and who. It's hard planning a wedding. Right now, just trying to figure out the scope is interesting. I'm feeling torn between what I want, and what I probably feel obligated to do. We're trying to have a wedding that's for *us* and not for everyone else. Hehe.. Maybe if I give myself more than uhm... 5 days ... to think about it it'll be a little easier.

I'm a goob.
But I'm a happy goob.


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Feb. 18th, 2004 04:43 pm (UTC)
I SO wanna be at your wedding, girl.
Feb. 18th, 2004 10:22 pm (UTC)
You're... like... pseudo-gothic, or something. Which isn't news, but it's still true.

I don't know nuffin' about weddings, Merlin and I just nabbed a judge. She wore her little black dress, I wore my work suit, the only other people there were two of my friends and her sister. Said sister had a big ol' wedding in the backyard of her father-in-law's mansion, with half the town invited. Both marriages seem to have gone tolerably well so far. So, I guess my only point is that you don't really have to worry about it... whatever you choose to do with that one day out of the tens of thousands you're hoping to have together, you'll both remember it, and there will be as many silly stories about it as you'll need.
Feb. 19th, 2004 08:27 am (UTC)
Well, honestly, it would really *matter* to us to have certain people there, but I don't think either of us are interested in having every person we've ever known present.

We'll take care of that with an incredibly large party thrown later on. But for the actual wedding, the scope matters to us. We aren't going the Justice of the Peace route. We aren't renting out Constitution Hall. We're both planners, all about the details, small things honestly make a difference for both of us. So really, it's something we'll both worry about, whether we really have to or not.

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