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Well... it happened.

A week or so ago, I noticed a stink outside in the backyard. I actually said out loud "man it smells like something rotten out here" right before I noticed the blackened squirrel bits and the tail fur poking up through the last of the snow on the ground. Mika hasn't seemed interested in it at all so that was fine, and I just made sure to steer her clear.
Today I noticed that there is ANOTHER dead creature in the backyard. This time it's a lil grey mousey thing, just like the one I caught in the basement months ago (and somewhere in my head I honestly thought "I wonder if it's the same one"). She wanders off down the yard and out of the blue darts right for the squirrel tail, gets ahold of it, and tries to wolf it down like she did that one time with the beef satay skewer she got ahold of.

Took me actually prying her jaws open, trying to hold them open with one hand so that I could yank out the tail with the other because me telling her to drop it only made her happier and more determined to keep it.

I'm going to have to move that lil mouse. Dried up squirrel tail is one thing. Still juicy dead mouse is ENTIRELY another.
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