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titty bits

To prove that she loves me the pup shit by the door instead of in the bedroom this time.

It still stinks through the whole house... but well, it's the thought that counts.

How do you teach your dog to bark under certain conditions? If you stand by the door with leash in hand saying excitedly "outside! let's go outside!" she just stares at you like you're being an idiot. Becuase uh .. you're being an idiot.

One report down.
One to go.
I guess I *won't* melt down this time, if I can just manage to keep focused long enough to actually write the damned thing instead of just rearranging the charts until they stop making sense to me.

I need to find little letter books (the baby toy kind) to replace the "K" book that Mika destroyed. Or I need to convince Cesar and Leanne that they should call their daughter Atie from now on.
I know which sounds more fun.

I think I'll start pressuring Scott and Alicia to set a wedding date so that we can choose a date that has us all on the same coast at the same time. Becuase well, better them than me, dammit.

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