A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

IMDB baffles me yet again.

The movie Audition is really really good. Watch it subtitled (as you should with all foreign films unless you want a good laugh at some really bad voice acting (princess mononoke excepted here)). It's creepy and good and if you're willing to suspend your need for non stop action for awhile the whole thing is a great pay off.

However, on IMDB, there are so many people who read way too much about the movie ahead of time that they feel let down by the whole plot and ending. They feel like they didn't get enough of a shock, enough interest, enough... whatever...

So they keep saying (lots and lots of them, very authoritatively) that the whole last half of the movie is just a dream and none of it happened and it is therefore all just a cop out.

These people are morons.
I won't go into why... they just are.
I will agree that the movie was way overhyped... but not becuase it was a let down, but instead because it was just not intended for a certain audience. If you really like the kind of horror movie that has Jennifer Love Hewitt in it... avoid Audition. It will not please you at all.

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