A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Karl was right.
Foxfire is *incredible*.

It *feels* like there are smoother page transitions... and I don't mean those assinine swipes and dissolves LJ people love to employ willy nilly (you aren't Kurosawa, you aren't epic, fucking stop it)

The tabbed browsing is a beautiful thing and being able to add my own search engines to the toolbar is the wonderful as I'm not too fond of Google these days and am not a fan of toolbar plug ins in the first place (because they're resource hogs and tend to sport spyware).

Speaking of spyware, I downloaded a little Wild Tangent thing the other day to be the other end of something Karl was checking out and now for the first time *ever* I have random pop ups. LOVELY. Wild Tangent in and of itself isn't bad. But the web app that makes it go is spyware, kiddies. Remember that.
It's non malicious, just resource sucking, and a nuisance. Yesterday before I realized what was going on I ended up with 15 open browser windows, only 2 of which were actual sites I was visiting.

ON a completely different note... any of you have an opinion on the Dawn of the Dead remake?

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