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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I didn't read IMDB... but I did read some things on Netflix reviews when looking for movies they don't have (if it's based on Junji Ito Manga, they don't have it) and found this movie called Red Cherry, apparently about World War 2, set in China, chronicling war attrocities. Some reviewers liked it a lot. Others felt it was passable... this guy said:
"A decent enough film with adequate plot development considering the story content. It was your typical formulaic propaganda piece about the "devil Nazis". Hey, that deviant, criminal gang is easy to document and hate. They've been the grist of so many movies. What I'm patiently waiting for is someone with the courage to outline the systematic slaughter by the Soviets and Chinese of their citizens and near neighbors. Also how about a film on the Hutu-Tutsi slaughter, (900,000) that Our Prez Clinton could have prevented with the dispatch of 5-10,000 of our troops. "Red Cherry" does provide adequate entertainment and artistic value."

mmkay. lil too political... a lil too glib... way too dismissive of the actual horror of Nazi-ism... maybe it's a kid who doesn't know any better.
I go and look...
"retired trooper, ordained deacon for Catholic Church, arried father of 3, poppy to 4 grandkids, love cinema, may God bless you with good health, prosperity and eternal life. Amen. Roll Action!"

Hmmmkay. So. Right wingy guy, maybe a lil uptight.. maybe a little self righteous.. maybe anti-semitic? Or just dumb.. that works too.
Top rated movies of this guy include
2001: A Space Odyssey
All Quiet on the Western Front
Apocalypse Now
Blade Runner
Blazing Saddles and Das Boot

After getting angry at the 'sophmoric humor' in Real Genius, then giving a completely off base, yet glowing review of Clockwork Orange (apparently the point is that we should have more prisons, that Alex is a criminal by chance, and that his parents were obviously warm and loving... no really... that's what he said), he went on to deposit this goody about Down By Law:

"Would've been poetic to see Barkin throw Waits off the balcony with the 45's and his silver-tipped boots. Maybe we could have seen more of her athletic but feminine thighs! Benigno's part really brought the movie together, until his entrance, it was so-so. Actually, a low-budget effort that brings great entertainment value along with a quizzically comical approach. Really appreciated the B/W treatment, it would have been perceived quite differently by me if in color. I hope you enjoy this romp of a movie. "

I didn't think I'd ever see anyone refer to a Jarmush film as a "romp". Isn't that a word that actually means "a movie with a dog, animated animal, or meg ryan"?


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