A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Yep, no more phone posts for me for awhile.

Not very fulfilling, no one really cares, and they're difficult to transcribe actually. I feel like they should accomplish more or something.

Today I'm feeling ick because I'm a girl.
Yesterday we went to PF changs. Hadn't been there in quite awhile so it was nice to get those garlic noodles again.
I think I had two vodka sours, Karl had a couple of mixed drinks, then we had two jugs of sake (momokawa pearl unfiltered stuff which is strange but good) then we went across the street to the new muliplex where they have a full restaurant and bar, where we found additional alcohol.

Then we saw Dawn of the Dead in the "director's theatre" where there is assigned stadium seating and where we had *excellent* seats. No one talked. No one opened candy, babbled, had their cell phones go off, giigled at inappropriate moments, etc.

It was totally worth the extra buck and the movie was suprisingly good. I was impressed actually.

Today the plan had been that we'd do it all over again, but this time we'd go to the regular multiplex to see Hellboy. But hmm.. I dunno if I'm going to end up feeling up to that. Right now, I'm thinking it's a strong no.

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