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Apr. 8th, 2004

This week has been busy but not busy.
On the weekend, we went out and saw movies and had dinner and spent time together. Sort of felt like a refresh for me and Karl. It was nice to get out and do things together, but it was also nice in a way that we (especially me) really needed. I get lost sometimes when I'm just here all the time. Makes me forget pieces. Sunday night included 3 full bottles of sake, cigars, and deciding at about 4 in the morning that maybe sleep *would* be a good idea instead of another movie.

So then on Monday Karl went to work and did the usual but that evening he got home and we had dinner, then saw Hellboy.
If you went into it expecting a comic book, then you were not disappointed. Or well, at least I wasn't. Very entertaining, love Ron Pearlman, yay for scary nazi guys. (Every comic has at least one ya know).

Then Tuesday we went to dinner at this lil mexican joint up the road with Steve and then came back here, had some drinks, smoked some cigars, and watched City of the Living Dead.
While it was indeed Fulci-riffic, it wasn't quite as in your face as most of his others. Still fucked up. A few really good deaths in there there, but one of the more "huh?" movies I've seen lately.

Yesterday, when Karl got home we had tacos.
That's all I have to say really... they're tacos. Tacos are good.

Also yesterday, Mika decided that destruction quells boredom (how astute for a 6 month old) and ate a bunch of stuff she wasn't supposed to such as a dvd case from a rental movie that's already 3 weeks overdue and one of my books.
Let's see which one upsets me more. If she'd just attacked the corner I could have dealt. The second time she got ahold of it though, she started ripping pages. I dunno where this destructive thing is coming from all of a sudden, but I'm keeping a much closer eye on her today because of it.

I was listening to music yesterday and realized that Smashing Pumpkins did a cover of "Never Let Me Down Again", and just had it reconfirmed for me how incredibly BAD Smashing Pumpkins is and how much I loathe Billy Corgan. I'll probably rant about the other remakes later (like System of a Down doing The Metro... are you FUCKING kidding me?).

My mom sent us Easter candy. That's sweet of her. And a card to me and Karl signed "Mom and Dad". That's even sweeter.

Right now, I'm having toasted crumpets with a lil butter and orange marmalade. I'd prefer the regular stuff but right now all I have is the low sugar marmalade, which is alright, just not quite as satisfying.


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Apr. 9th, 2004 06:58 pm (UTC)
there simply is no need to cover certain songs. in fact, today, i stumbled upon david bowie covering SPRINGSTEEN'S "it's so hard to be a saint in the city." and while i like the thin (ha! maybe in 1973) white duke sometimes, there simply was no need for this.

one day, i shall make a list of the worst covers. ever. and i imagine billy corgan will have a place on it. although i must add that a lot of what is called "alternative" these days sounds so derivative, it all could be termed "sampled covers", in my book.

ok, cranky old lady rant over ;-) enjoy those crumpets, missy.
Apr. 10th, 2004 12:44 pm (UTC)
I've just been *outraged* lately by so many covers. "It's My Life" being covered by No Doubt... all of the New Order covers... all of the Smiths covers (there's another version out now of How Soon is Now sung by two squeaky, tone deaf Russian girls who should stick to making out on stage), any depeche mode cover... they're just sort of pointless.

As for derivative crap... I hear ya on that front as well. The upsurgance in the "retro" sound is making it harder and harder to tell one led zeppelin rip off from another.
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