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So today is the one year anniversary of the day me and Karl finally snapped out of it and realized that what was between us was too damned good to leave languishing in the Friend Zone.

Wednesday I got a new monitor.
Yesterday I got two bouquets of flowers with cards
Today I got the third bouquet that completes the sentence.

Iris, Freesia, and Orchids.

I've gotten more flowers in the last year than I have before in my life total. I like that.
Tonight I'm not sure what we'll do. We have a thing to go to in a couple hours, and Steph and Andre have said they'll take the doggie for the weekend so we can have some us time with no distractions. We may just leave her there, spend tomorrow downtown and then maybe go out to a nice restaurant that we usually don't have time to get out to.

We're both still sick... but who cares.

I am an incredibly lucky chick. I've never been one for handing over my accomplishments to fate, so I won't do that about me and him either. But I'm tempted.

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