A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I have a big animated Andrew W.K. twat on my friends page

I have about a billion inane, pampered, entitled, suburban, bargain hunting morons moving up and down the street because there is a "community yard sale" going on
I actually heard a woman scream "HOLY TOLEDO! Look at THAT!" over some random piece of plastic crap laying in the neighbor's driveway before she shuttled her two rotund, dressed like Big Joe (becuase they're soooo fuckin hoood, ya know), loud and stupid kids on over to see if there was anything *they* wanted

While Mika did her thing in the ivy outback I caught a glimpse of this woman's very overweight and sad faced husband and had to wonder who the hell he'd been, who the hell she'd been and why in HELL they'd gotten married.

The yard isn't as neatly manicured as the others. There are some bald patches from the draining areas and places where the grass never came back after the snow. This is getting some glances from the roving consumption wagon trolling its way in and out of the street.

I want to put on some ripped up clothes, some poorly applied blue eyeshadow, and some pabts blue ribbon, lawn chairs, and lots of cigarettes. I want to sit right in the middle of the driveway for a few hours just to make them all uncomfortable.

Sooooo much hate this morning. Soooo much hate.

We're going to go have a really late breakfast, then get interesting cigarettes and cigars at a cigar shop, and then head back home to play with the dog and be silly. Maybe we'll hit one of the fuckers. Maybe I'll get extra points for a kid

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