A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It hasn't sunk in yet that I have a break from work for a bit.
I even just volunteered myself for additional work should any arise until the next scheduled project pops up, which is going to be at least a couple of weeks.
I should be thankful.
I should clean the house room by room.
I should organize the basement.
I should get my clothes from the move last year out of the bags and into drawers.
I should put together the bed that's been sitting in plastic since the move last year
I should get some tape. Just to have it on hand.

May 1st we have salong appointments. Karl is long overdue for a haircut and so am I. I haven't dyed my hair in ooh... a year... and sometime in October or November I had it highlighted, but well, that was quite awhile ago.
So I have natural color to about halfway down my face and then the old bleachy blonde/red/orangey color kicks in for the for rest of the length (we're approaching middle of the back, which is definitely at the cut point). It looks pretty assy.
So, I have an appointment to have the hair cut and then an appointment to have it colored. So far, the plan is to sit down, and when he asks what I'd like to have done, I'll say "whatever works well with my face and you feel like doing. Have fun"
And for the coloring .. it uh .. gonna be about the same. Though I can already tell that Andrea will just recommend some good multi level highlights again because "you're a blonde. you should have highlights"

We're not talking cheesy highlights. We're talking Andrea-who's-been-written-up-in-the-washingtonian-several-times-highlights.

I smell WONDERFUL right now. Fresh, Index, Pear Cassis
And under that some new body scrub with pulverized rice and a grape extract face wash and grape water toner. I wanna lick *myself* I smell so good.

Very shortly we're going to a restaurant then to a cigar shop, then back here to watch the fight with Steve and Lex and Oscar. And I might make green cookies.
Not sure if that will happen tonight or not as the butter supplies are probably a little low.
But we'll see.

Aren't you glad I'm not working on a project? I mean... lookit the CONTENT, MAAAAN

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