A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I am *disgustingly* popular

I went and voted in the webby awards yesterday. Most of the things I had no idea about, so I just picked the name I liked best.
Apparently Google is still a front runner in the best services and best practices categories, which I'm honestly baffled about. Google is crap, mostly. First of all becuase they misspelled the name, second because it's not integrated in *everything* and third because the idea that they have "best practices" when it's incredibly easy to manipulate their hits is pretty damned silly.
Or maybe that's what makes them best. Dunno.

I only use google these days if there is a very particular kind of wide net, no idea what I'm looking for, kind of search that I'm doing. Otherwise I use Alltheweb or Copernic Search Agent (the full version of which tracks searches for you and has over 50 targetted search types. it's goot), but I'm sure that that's just me.

Anyway, I did follow the link on the LJ front page to the webbys. I did not vote for livejournal, though it's clearly the front runner.
I did though go back to the entry from the front page to see why the hell there were over 600 comments on a "vote for us" post.
Mostly, just a bunch of ass kissing and trolls. SO no different from just about any other "offical" post from the kiddies at LJ.
But someone linked to one of those "who has friended you and unfriended you"things and I went and took a look

27 Apr 2004
Friended by: 1: umbrella
Unfriended by: 6: agincourt, drstinky, pguymontag, psykofish, rakafkaven, redherring

10 Nov 2003
Friended by: 2: diffrentcolours, supergreg
Unfriended by: 8: agentabstract, crispygoth, fumanchaw, gwar, invasive, jacob09481, piromonk, saintsteven

09 Feb 2003
Friended by: 3: bightchee, fumanchaw, ttocsland
Unfriended by: 1: nickdangerous

29 Jan 2003
Friended by: 3: agentabstract, nickdangerous, piromonk
Unfriended by:1: greyyguy

23 Jan 2003
Friended by: 3: brittany741, merovingian, thanaticist
Unfriended by: 9: ascaechoriel, brim_stone, dlbags, eternalinternal, honorata, jaromil, thehat, whip_lash, wickedflea

05 Nov 2002
Friended by: None.
Unfriended by: 1: sexyscholar

I only wish it went back further. Now *that* would be interesting. For awhile there I would end up with 10 new people and within a few days they would be gone along with a few others who'd come before them. Now honestly, the vast majority of people on the unfriended list I either never actually talked to, wasn't all that interested in in the first place, or those who I took off my list first and then had that reciprocated.
The thing is... I really don't remember most of them. Which is sad really considering that aren't that many.
Though this does give me a good timeline for things that I hadn't realized only happened at the beginning of last year. Seems a long time ago now.

I honestly can't see why this little tool would be someone's end all be all though.

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