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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

A Web site for Jackson fans encouraged them to show up and demonstrate support for their idol. A hotel in nearby Solvang was giving fans a special rate.
In Los Angeles, about 75 fans boarded a bus for Santa Maria early Friday. They waved signs reading "Caravan for Justice" and chanted "What time is it? Jackson time!" as they gathered in the predawn darkness.
"I'm showing my grandsons there is a way to protest, a way to show your love and a way to show your support," fan Cathy Youngblood told KABC-TV.

Taking your grandchildren to a protest that... what? shows your support for a TWICE arraigned alleged pedophile. mmmmkay.
Whoever you think Jackson is... doesn't that send a strange message to the grandkids?

and from a better article about it:

"In a new post on his Web site, Jackson has extended an open invitation to the public to gather at his Neverland Ranch for a candlelight vigil starting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
From there, Jackson promises free bus rides to Santa Maria, Calif., where his arraignment will take place. According to published reports, police in the town are preparing for the arrival of more than 2,000 fans, journalists and photographers."

He's being arraigned for molesting a child and he's having candle light vigils for *himself* and offering busrides to the hearings. The state that is trying him is going to have to outlay man power and resources to protect him from the crowds of people he's invited along.
Another sobering thought.. he's 45 years old.

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