A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Ya know, I didn't see the first post she made.
I know that the community is basically in existence for people to feel haughty and upset about the completely arbitrary rules imposed and lifted at random by the LJ abuse team.
I know that a lot of them are just asshats to begin with.

But what pieces of utter shit all these people are

I'm sure it came off as a dumb dumb mistake to make. And I'm sure none of the people who commented have *ever* made dumb mistakes in a public forum before. EVER. How could they? They're obviously the text and icon incarnations of perfection in every way.
I've mocked the fuck out of people for all manner of things. I'm not talking from a position of superiority here.
I've had a pretty hateful day on my own. Don't know what possesed me to browse over there in the first place since most of the people who post there most frequently are complete wastes of skin to begin with (and that has nothing to do with their views of the brainless wonders that comprise the LJ abuse team). But I did. And I shouldn't have.
That's my own dumb dumb mistake of the day.
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