A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just tried reading this interview with David Carridine that's in the new issue of The Onion.
Man he's one repugnant asshole.
He thinks a lot of himself and his acting ability, which I never really took as being all that great. He's like... another Christopher Lee to me. Maybe I'm just missing something.

Last night, as with many nights recently, we hung out with Steve and Lex. The given reason was that Robin (Steve's brother) was back in town. But really, I think it was so that me and Lex could talk and the boys could play poker with quarters for chips and no real money. Or at least, that's what I got out of it, and it was excellent.

It's a good good thing having people around again that you can just have a conversation with. About personal things, about books, movies. About random factoids found on the net. About dogs. About whatever.
No agenda, no goals. Just talking. I've really missed that part of human interaction and it's *great* to have some of that back in my life. Just talking... that's my MO, man.

Mika the dog was pretty ill for a few days becuase of a random bit of rubber tugger toy that she chewed up and swallowed but she's back to being a rambunctious dork again. Having her be so sick, so sleepy and out of it, so obviously not feeling well brought back a lot of things about when smudge died. She stopped eating, stopped having water, stopped wanting to be around anyone. I spent hours curled up with her under the table trying to get her to eat a little squishy food, trying to get her to have some water.
There's a part of me that blames my parents for not being more concerned, not being quicker with the trip to the vet. When the cat who's always been overweight is all of a sudden 10 lbs lighter, something is incredibly wrong.
But I know that what the vet had said was true. Even after rehydrating her, warming her up, dealing with the immediate issues of the kidney disease, it would be 3 months and we'd go through it again. There wasn't a cure, there was no way to fix it, and she'd just go through that pain again and again until the time she didn't bounce back.
Whiskers spent weeks wandering the house looking for her. He's a very different cat these days becuase the litter mate he'd spent his whole life with was just suddenly gone after 10 years. Laying there with Mika feeling sick and weak, I was so so scared.

Of course, Mika feeling better now means that I can't actually sit in here and do anything for more than a couple minutes to make sure she isn't getting into anything, but well, I'll take that trade off.
I've also realized, I like my dog untrained. I like that I never took her to puppy training. I think she's better off for it.
But uhm.. again. I have weird ideas about these things.

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