A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Wow. What a cunt

Be political. Be "edgy". Say outrageous things... but giving over your whole journal in the first place to the concept that Idly bitching about the president as the center of all evil on the face of the earth is somehow productive, useful, or even entertaining (to those of us who are older than 15)is just, well, not.

Scathing, yes. "I wish his mother had aborted him" coming from the mouth of someone who apparently is really into reproductive rights, no.

Reproducing photo after photo (on your photobucket account that stops working so quickly it's pointless) and the full text of Reuters and AP articles in your journal doesn't make you a journalist. You're just a plagarist.

Also, using information in your views that you got from naral.org (a pro choice web site)and presenting it as blatantly factual with no slant is just a little narrow viewed for someone who's obviously political and should understand that propaganda works both ways.
Further, using a map that talks about the availability of contraception and considers wether or not it is covered by state employee's insurance to be a major factor in its grade for availability is pretty assinine. The map in and of itself is working off of definitions that don't matter (wether a state agency offers insurance that covers birth control or not has fuck all to do with how available it is in the state as a whole), and so using it as the backbone of your argument means that your whole argument comes across as false, especially when you're making screaming, wild replies at anyone who disagrees with you.

This is just one example of where I think the anti-bush commentary is going very very wrong and those who want him out of office are coming off as hysterical and without morals, making it easier to rally bush's traditional voter base around him.

Edit: and how does being a super feminist gel with being in several differn't "no ugly" "nonugly" communities? "I'm a feminist, and belive in the sisterhood of women, but only for the cute chicks"?

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