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Oh the things I read in a day. Don't ask how I got to that... I see links, I follow them sometimes.
but this one is great.

"By lying about the Tet offensive during the Vietnam War, the media managed to persuade Americans we were losing the war, which demoralized the nation and caused us to lose the war. And people say reporters are lazy.
The immediate consequence of the media's lies was a 25 percent drop in support for the war. The long-term consequence for America was 12 years in the desert until Ronald Reagan came in and saved the country."

aaah.. that wacky ass Ann Coulter. She sounds more paranoid and conspiracy watching than most sci-fi buff/R.A. Wilson fanatic/ birch fearing/ gonna dig me a hole and wait for the new world order psychos that you can find here and there online.
Aside from just making things up willy nilly she's also more vicious about it than even Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, which is difficult to muster.

Especially for a girl.



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Jun. 2nd, 2004 01:13 pm (UTC)
High points *snicker* would be:

Ronald Reagan came in and saved the country

liberals are using their control of the media

Communist dictators... displayed a certain degree of rationality

Democrat pusillanimity

Michael Moore teeters on the brink of being considered a reliable source

you can always count on liberals to have some pointless, womanly complaint

Liberals may see Saddam's mass graves in Iraq as half-full, but I prefer to see them as half-empty

And a special barrage just for Allah!

Islamic lunatics
Islamic crazies
Islamic loonies crawling out of their rat holes

You know... every time I do an image search on the web, I secretly pray that I somehow come across rude photos of Ann Coulter and some kind of farm animal (obviously not a donkey - *snort*). It's not that I want to see her naked - oh hell no. I wouldn't fuck her with Bill O'Reilly's splotchy little weasel cock. I just want the chance to legitimately refer to her in print as "Ann Coulter. Journalist, republican, turkey fucker."

Call me Islamic, but I think that'd be funny.
Jun. 2nd, 2004 04:43 pm (UTC)
I love Ann Coulter. I just love her to death. Which reminds me, have you ever seen "I Love You To Death"? It's a fun little movie, with Tracey Ullman as an Italian mother-figure.
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