A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Yesterday I set up a new bank account. This one doesn't carry a monthly minimum balance and therefore will never get stuck in a perpetual cycle of fees and overdraft protection paybacks eating away at what money I do have in there down to the overdraft limit of $500 like the current one. The account has run out of money to loan me to pay back the money plus interest that it has loaned me.

Now I just need to payup $500 + interest in real money for the imaginary money that I owe them and close that shit out.

Also, I bought a cell phone. I got approved for the credit option despite having a nothing credit rating because I don't have any credit whatsoever and never have. With the two year contract (which to me doesn't feel overly long... just feels like I won't have to worry about renewing it) and the new user instant rebates, this phone (I got the blue one... looks better in person) ended up costing $100 before tax and all that other crap.

Not bad.

Weird, but not bad.

I have a cell phone. And I have a new account with money in it and stuff. We held off on ordering checks for it because if I'm going to have checks at all they're going to be something I like and not something random or overly businessy from the bank.

I .. yeah.
I'm a car payment and refrigerator purchase away from adulthood.

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