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hehe... *what*?

From an IMDB message board post about De-Lovely which is apparantly a movie about Cole Porter:

"I'm not a homophobic redneck, but I'm still conservative. I don't think gay people are bad people, but what they're doing is wrong, just like when I tell a lie or if I stole something from a store it would be wrong. It doesn't make me a bad person. I just believe what I believe, which is that in the Bible, when God sent angels down to visit Lot and his family, the men of Sodom wanted to have their way with them, and God destroyed their town for it. Just because the Greeks did it, or Alexander the Great did it, or Cole Porter did it, doesn't make it right...just "Trendy" in whatever century you happen to be living in.
However, I watched an interview with Kevin Kline on Nightline tonight and they didn't even discuss the issue until about the last five minutes of the interview. Obviously, this man and his orientation are linked, but he was very deep so his sexuality, while still a part of him, is not ALL of him. So I choose to believe that the filmakers involved in this movie were wise enough to have touched on it, but not focus on it. It all boils down to a man, his music, and his muse."

Hehe.. honestly, I'd never thought about wether or not Cole Porter might like men. I know he sure as hell liked the women, all of them, several a night... and that should probably be the biggest flaw in a movie that supposedly paints him and his wife as having an incredibly well made relationship, not wether or not he liked a little cub on the side.
But of course, bring out the possibility and out come the "I don't hate gay people, BUT..." crowd. Some of them reasonable, some of them not so reasonable. None of them able to actually quote the parts of the bible that actually condemn homosexuals, (I'll give you a hint...one of them is in Romans) though they will all gladly give it a shot.

I went there to look up something very specific and ended up reading bullshit on a movie I just don't care about. And it caused me to post.


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Jul. 3rd, 2004 09:08 pm (UTC)
I don't hate gay people, but it's really strange that lesbian firefighters are so totally hot.
Jul. 3rd, 2004 11:04 pm (UTC)
Despite my personal feeelings abouty the semantics of "tolerance", there's a nice summary of what the Bible (or, more appropriately, the Bibles) have to say about homosexuality at the religioustolerance.org website.

Personally, I think the somewhat feeble concept of tolerance is for pussies and that we should encourage folks to live their lives in a manner that brings them personal happiness within the bounds of a reasonable social framework. I have yet to see any proof of how the existence queer relationships (and I use the term "queer" in only the most positive sense) has any negative impact upon my life or my society. I think the problems caused by suppression of one's own sexuality far outweigh the perceived evils of queer lifestyles.

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