A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

"GRRRARR! Don't disagree with me on an abstract opinion! I am more correct than you! and I'll prove it with a little LJ response icon!"

Yeah. That was special.

In other news though I have no dishwashing soap the dishes are having spending their dirty time in the dishwasher now. Like the dark part of a roller coaster where you're all strapped in, waiting for the ride to begin.
I figured that would be a better place for them since kittens last night decided to randomly knock a bunch of shit off the counter after we'd gone to sleep. They didn't *break* the tamarind soda bottle... but they did crack it open and it was leaking. To me that signalled a need to clean up the kitchen.

When kittens chasing moths either force you to throw away or go ahead and drink the tamarind soda (it's filthy), something's gotta give.

Also, I need to not read the LJ of anyone currently in college. From what I can see, all these varied people from all over the country, attending different schools for different puproses all seem to be under the same impressions. (Namely that they are discovering the world for EVERYONE every time *they* learn something. If they don't know it/think it... it just aint so becuase it hasn't been invented in their heads yet).
Since there are way too many variables involved I have to assume it's the college. Higher education is the cause.
Should that be in quotes? "Higher Education"?

(yes, I know people who've survived college just fine, managed to learn a few things along the way, and actually seem to have come out human on the other side... but they're not in the majority)

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