A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Not the first thing I should have read this morning.

Apparently one of the feminist communities on LJ can't understand (or at least most of their members can't) why a shirt saying "I had an abortion" (that's sold by Planned Parenthood) is potentially offensive.

They equate it with the "Abortion is Homocide" shirts. Call it equal time. Feel that it's just a matter of free speech.

Sure, if you take that view, fine.

But it's not really the same thing, is it? If abortion really is the simple medical procedure with no emotional attachment to a living thing/ child/ etc. then why isn't Planned Parenthood making shirts like "I got my Ovaries removed" or "I have ovarian cysts!" or "Hysterectomy Go!" .
They're just a bunch of conditions or medical procedures just like abortion, right?

If it isn't just a simple medical procedure and there *is* some attachment to this living thing that you are in effect terminating then why be all fucking flippant about it? Support the right of the woman who is carrying the child to make that choice, but don't make that choice just "no big deal", which I think making a catchy little tshirt slogan does.

Not a fan of the still rampant abortion debate. Not a fan generally of self defined feminists (becuase the majority just don't seem to actually *get* what the fuck it is they're talking about and how their moral and idealogical stances define who they MUST be and usually just aren't), and pretty much against the sort of inbred notions that come out of any talking circle for political/social/spiritual ideas.
So really, this one is just hitting on all fronts.

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