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We've been trying to get together wedding stuff. Well, Karl has and I've been providing moral support. Yes, The GROOM is dealing with most of the wedding arrangements. Anyway, we like these chocolates (they have a collection of truffles created by Vincent Gallo of all people) and have been looking into the wedding cakes that they offer as well. We don't want some 5 tier fountain and butter cream monstrositiy so it seemed a good way to go.
While looking through the site at some of the little wedding favor things they have I noticed one of their gifts was this purse

Well, I dug it. A lot. Not my usual thing to go all silly over a purse, but I just really enjoy the colors. Karl liked the colors as well and we decided that we'll probably be going with variations on that cream, those purples and maybe a little silver thrown in. (no, not all purple. No Prince wedding... just accents, maybe the flowers).

I mentioned offhandedly a couple of times that if it weren't so pricey I'd get that purse.

Last week Karl ordered the individual sizes of all of the wedding cakes they offer (4 different ones) so that we could sample them and decide if that was what we were really going for. They were supposed to arrive today, but they were waiting on ingredients and so they'll be arriving tomorrow. But today I got a package from vosges... so I thought that the cakes got here early (despite the box being way too small and too light). It wasn't until I was halfway through the packing peanut removal process that I realized that it was actually the purse.
Karl had intended to get it for me all along, apparently, but more as a pre-wedding gift. He was talking to them the other day about some of the wedding stuff and inquired about the purse and found out that no, they didn't have them on hand all the time, that there had been a very limited run, and there were only two left. So... I got it early.

I've been having a really bad week, starting with last weekend. I've been feeling a shift in things.. in a really damned good way, but growth comes with growing pains and I'm having some. I've never been a "give me stuff to make me happy" kind of chick, but this was an incredibly thoughtful, welcome, and truly suprising surprise.

I called him up at work and said "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH ME" and he just said "well, duh".

It's good to know I'm marrying someone who cares so much about the day to day me. Not that I didn't know that. I can just use the reminding right now.

Okay, going to go cry again, this time with a smile on my face.

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