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I've been posting a little to a list put together by Pat Spacek for chit chatting about this new project he has going on and about some of the stories he's been posting to the list. He has one just for his postings and then a second just for talking about anything you like.
First post I made ended up picking a little fight about this person who referred to themselves as "a cat". So I posted a link to some fucking yiffie site (anthropomorphic creatures nude with human genitalia and postures/ poses) and basically said I think furries are just beastiality freaks in denial. Which I actually ended up apologizing to Pat about becuase I didn't really know what sort of tone he was trying to promote, but he scoffed at the apology and told me to keep posting, so it's alright to run in swinging I guess. The guy I spit at came back with this explanation of there being many more humans born today than there were a centruy ago, many fewer animals being born than there were a century ago, and how "reality won't have an imbalanced system" and therefore people are sometimes born with animal souls. Honestly, it was the most levelheaded and non-defensive response to something like this I've ever seen from a furry so he definitely gets points for that.

Anyway, the discussion has continued, with most of the people branching off into the definition of a "soul" (and being far too high minded and philisophical about something that is really a matter of faith), and me still talking about furries and "OtherKin" and so forth with this cat person.
He's basically demured on every point, saying that he's happily married, isn't a freak, isn't poly, isn't an RPG nut, isn't into neo-mysticism and actually didn't even mean that he's a cat or that he has a cat soul, just that he "thinks like a cat."
So he's either full of shit or just backing down on all the things he's said that made him look like more of a nutjob than if he'd just said "yep, I'm a kitty cat."

The list is interesting I think, just doesn't have its footing yet and half the people are trying way too hard to impress Pat with how strange they can be. They say things like "I understand that our fearless leader lives in South Korea," or post stories and things they've written, mimicking his style, with a "how was that Pat?" at the end. So it's an asskiss more than a discussion list, but hey, goats-fans started out talking about the Goats comic strip (which I am suprised still exists) and look where that went. I'd like to think that the sycophants will die off and something weird and possibly good will come out of it all, but well, that's not the way of the internet is it?

So aside from hating furries (that's a given) what's your take on the whole "animal soul" thing? I don't necessarily mean animal mysticism/ spirit animals/ spiritual beliefs. That's taking on way more validity than I think this guy was aiming at. I mean just the idea that my cat smudge could be reincarnated into a human guy named Fred....

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