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I find the very large number of people in the world unwilling to be anything other than the most "unique" thing they can come up with (and invariably to join a group of other totally unique people, just like them) to be the greater part of the unwashed masses. Basically, the people you see as distancing themselves from humanity out of embarassment are usually the ones I personally am most embarassed by. Or was this another off the cuff idea you don't really mean?

If most of these made up things weren't just obvious reactions to how common they felt, how much they wanted to be noticed, ways to get mom and dad to pay attention to them through disapproval, etc. then it might be easier to swallow. People who live in industrialized nations have, for the most part, met all of the basic needs of survival. They have satellite and fiber to the doorstep of their nice home in their safe planned community and they don't have to worry about bombs or the government collapsing or famine or plagues (that stuff just happens in movies anyway) and so now they are bored.

Science Fiction has left people my age disappointed and so now we've all decided en masse that being delusional self-help mainliners and DIY mysticism junkies is somehow preferable to living in a world where no one can create dimensional portals with the powers of their mind and most people are too broken to look at a stranger on the metro without a panic attack, let alone be actual functional adults. Ann McCaffrey was full of shit and didn't William Gibson say we'd be all "jacked in" by now?

Well, not that people my age actually read....
now I'm just rambling...

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