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oh my god , fuck you LJ

So ... with just a very tiny amount of looking into it, I have to say that the majority of people I've seen who've posted that sexual abuse meme (proclaim to the land of LJ that you've been abused and wear it as sort of badge of honor) are currently poly, heavily into BDSM, M/s relationships, or just enjoy showing their tits to the world repeatedly becuase it's "their choice, their body".

Some could see that as taking the power back, as exercising choices over who sees, who does, who is allowed on their own terms. And there is of course the slim chance that that's the case... but it's really doubtful.

Why don't most people see that behavior as a side effect? It's not that difficult to see that being sexualized at an early age (in the case of childhood sexual abuse) really easily lends itself to high levels of promiscuity and the NEED for sexual attention later in life. Girls who were abused as pre-teens typically end up equating (subconsciously usually) sex with love. If they don't want to fuck you, they can't possibly care about you. Affection is EQUAL to sex. This is especially true in the case of abuse from family members, older male family members.

This is just personal experience. I'm not a clinician, no training, haven't had some course work or a doctor to tell me it's so. I don't have any sort of statistics to back it up. I don't think I need statistics.

Anyway, this is one of the things that bothers me the most about forums like Live Journal. They aren't avenues for self discovery, they're the means to futher delusion and just another way to hide.

(I'm also really ticked by the number of "when I was a teenager, a peer pinched my ass, therefore I was sexually abused" instances I've seen. How fucking demeaning to anyone who's actually been through something terrible. Everyone has their different levels of tolerance, different levels of strength. I accept and understand that. But some people go out of their way to make up a terrible life that didn't exist, and how incredibly thoughtless is that?)


(Deleted comment)
Aug. 11th, 2004 04:46 am (UTC)
hehe twat.
Aug. 11th, 2004 04:59 am (UTC)
OH... and I stand on "promiscuity and abuse go hand in hand" that I never said anything differerent about. The whole... bdsm, M/s, etc. thing... that's where we differ. THAT is where I just shrugged and said difference of opinion.

I understand what you're trying to say about science and logic not being used as false reasons against labelling people. I understand your point. Your point is just *so far* from anything I was talking about that I find it silly.

It's like saying something about the plantlife on jupiter and having someone tell you that the solar system may not actually have 9 planets. Your scope or argument wasn't something I am interested in arguing (or well, argument at all really).

If you didn't have the time for all this, you'd have stopped replying already instead of coming back and telling me you didn't have time for it. My comments about you upping the vocacularly or holding a position of weakness in an argument have more to do with actual one on one arguing than anything on the internet and while I've been involved in quite a few online discussions and debates I'm hardly playing the L33T role here (and haven't tried) so spare me the assumption. Thought you didn't like those?

I made this point because it's a journal. It's not a serious discussion forum. I vent, I ask questions, sometimes I even post something completely silly. If I were posting this to some sort of forum asking for actual REAL answers to questions I wouldn't have stated it that way, I would have taken the time to make my point as clear as possible to avoid offending or misleading anyone, and I woulnd't have used a rhetorical question that firmly placed me in the "correct" position (as most people do in rhetoricals). I know that the people who typically read this have known me for long enough to realize when I'm just venting.

I didn't go *looking* for personal attacks. I still think you upped the vocabularly. I still think you're speaking from a point of personal importance and therefore have no subjectivity on the topic. I still think you're a twat.

</i>"please do not waste their time like you've wasted mine"</i>

Hehe... by doing what? Maybe by going into their online journal and starting a "discussion" about some post they made? Would that be a time waster?

... twat.


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