A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

After reading some of the message board posts for Uzumaki it's clear that not only are western audiences filled with imbeciles who don't understand something unless there is at least 15 minutes of exposition in a movie that CLEARLY STATES the point and plot several different times, but that they also have no... for lack of a better word... soul.

It isn't The Fast and the Furious, so it has no pacing. It isn't a poor american remake of a Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Taiwan horror film, so it's not scary at all. They don't have a "follow the bouncing ball" outline of the plot, so it's hard to understand, pointless, and the end has no meaning.

I'm consistently frustrated by what western audiences (and this includes the UK, and Australia actually) seem to enjoy and what they complain about. If it's someone who's actually interested in foreign film, it's usually becuase they're more blood spattered than american films, which is why there is a lot of talk about Japanese horror but very little about Japanese love stories.

Anyway, Uzumaki is an interesting, entertaining, unnerving movie. The visuals are *gorgeous* and not quite like anything I've seen before. There is an interesting claustrophobia to the whole thing and very few "oh, I saw THAT coming a mile away" moments... and even when you do see it coming, it's still done just that damned well.

I, of course, watched it without seeing any trailers for it, not knowing anything about it (Karl had me avoid the backcover of the DVD case because there were too many plot point pictures), which is always the best way to see a movie.

I'm going to start one of those dumb "movie I've seen" lists on the journal at some point. That way I can hopefully start keeping track and it also opens it up for people to recommend things. No *reviews*... I don't think THAT much of myself.

""Uzumaki" is not as good as "Ringu","Ju-on" or "Audition",but if you like Japanese horror movies you won't be disappointed."

Just so you know, it has NOTHING to do with Ringu, haven't seen Ju-on, and it has nothing in any way shape or form to do with Audition. Comparisons there are way way off and only made becuase all those movies are from the same country.

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