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After reading some of the message board posts for Uzumaki it's clear that not only are western audiences filled with imbeciles who don't understand something unless there is at least 15 minutes of exposition in a movie that CLEARLY STATES the point and plot several different times, but that they also have no... for lack of a better word... soul.

It isn't The Fast and the Furious, so it has no pacing. It isn't a poor american remake of a Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Taiwan horror film, so it's not scary at all. They don't have a "follow the bouncing ball" outline of the plot, so it's hard to understand, pointless, and the end has no meaning.

I'm consistently frustrated by what western audiences (and this includes the UK, and Australia actually) seem to enjoy and what they complain about. If it's someone who's actually interested in foreign film, it's usually becuase they're more blood spattered than american films, which is why there is a lot of talk about Japanese horror but very little about Japanese love stories.

Anyway, Uzumaki is an interesting, entertaining, unnerving movie. The visuals are *gorgeous* and not quite like anything I've seen before. There is an interesting claustrophobia to the whole thing and very few "oh, I saw THAT coming a mile away" moments... and even when you do see it coming, it's still done just that damned well.

I, of course, watched it without seeing any trailers for it, not knowing anything about it (Karl had me avoid the backcover of the DVD case because there were too many plot point pictures), which is always the best way to see a movie.

I'm going to start one of those dumb "movie I've seen" lists on the journal at some point. That way I can hopefully start keeping track and it also opens it up for people to recommend things. No *reviews*... I don't think THAT much of myself.

""Uzumaki" is not as good as "Ringu","Ju-on" or "Audition",but if you like Japanese horror movies you won't be disappointed."

Just so you know, it has NOTHING to do with Ringu, haven't seen Ju-on, and it has nothing in any way shape or form to do with Audition. Comparisons there are way way off and only made becuase all those movies are from the same country.


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Aug. 9th, 2004 12:32 pm (UTC)

I just can't read message boards anymore... STOP SAYING "LOVECRAFTIAN" DAMMIT! One idiot even rated the film lower because "it wasn't enough to hold my interest for an hour in a half in an uncomfortable theater seat". So, what, reclining leather chairs, staduim seating, and a DLP would have made this a five-star film in your opinion?

Stupid fucks.

David Lynch. Ringu. Ju-On. Or as one reviewer says "the director is obviously influenced by: Tim Burton,David Cronenberg,F.W. Mernau, Dario Argento,Jan Svankmajer,Peter Jackson,Sam Raimi,& the great Hammerproductions/filmaking styles". Oh, OBVIOUSLY. Look, if you can't talk about one thing without comparing it to other things then you missed the point entirely. Unless it's a blatantly derivative piece of plagarism, just talk about what you fucking saw, willya? Otherwise you sound like you don't know shit and are just reference-dropping to make up for it, or worse, to sound impressive somehow. Plus, that guy was just wrong. Wow, there are spirals kinda like the unfurling tree limb on the COVER of the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD - of COURSE this film was influenced by Tim Burton. And as for Argento? What the fuck?? Fulci maybe in a few scenes, but shit... Argento? Raimi? Svank-fucking-majer and Hammer horrors? Yeah, there were these stop-motion metal shavings chasing a doll's head filled with meat across a river of blood that looked exactly like cheap red paint all shot from the perspective of a small kitchen knife being wielded by Max Schreck, BUT REALLY FAST ACROSS THE FLOOR! ZOOM! Yeah. Ok.

Also, fuck right off if you expect me to take your "review" seriously when you say things like "the girl is cute, too". You're an idiot. Give me your Blockbuster card and computer keyboard immediately.
Aug. 9th, 2004 12:59 pm (UTC)
oh I love it when you get all ragey.

I just made the mistake of peeking on the boards for The Village. Apparently bad word of mouth is hurting the film, and people think that it was actually better than Unbreakable... which is just flat out idiotic.

Apparently the world at large isn't giving M. Night Shamydong enough leeway and credit to "express his vision" and any naysayers are just uneducated scum.
Now, granted, there are a bunch of people who are just annoyed that end was anti-climatic and loved it up until then... which is just as idiotic becuase the whole THING was anti-climatic.
A few cheap jumps and one of the lamest "twists" I've ever seen in a movie to not a good film make. The people going about the cinematography are HILAROUS. Apparently random shots of the woods with no special attention to tone are just as gorgeous as it gets.

About Uzamaki though... I could see comparing it to something Cronenberg would do... but that's only if I were forced to pick a sort of american style that was similar.

It's manga. It's through and through manga horror.
Aug. 9th, 2004 02:59 pm (UTC)
Cronenberg I can see with Uzumaki, sure, but if you HAD to compare it to something as opposed to "oh, look, someone obviously likes Videodrome" or whatever. People are still idiots. :)

As for "The Village"... fuck. The opening credits were neat. DONE. I mean really, the cinematography was almost non-existent, especially compared to his earlier films. The whole thing was just flat, empty, and sad aside from maybe two scenes early on, a little dialogue, and some of the performances - all of which wasn't nearly enough to make a difference. The script was awful, the "concepts" were sooooo forced, and as you said, the "twist" (hey, you know, make a movie without one - try that, Mr. Creative Genius) was flat-out pathetic.

Aug. 18th, 2004 05:20 pm (UTC)
I prefer to be poked with a sharp stick over even a brief reading of the IMDb message boards--unless I need reaffirmation of the Stupidity of the Common Man.

Haven't seen The Village yet, shame to hear such a poor review. I thoroughly enjoyed The Sixth Sense, could take or leave Unbreakable (though another viewing might help now that the comic-like aspects of the editing have been pointed out to me), and was entirely unimpressed with Signs.
Aug. 21st, 2004 04:26 pm (UTC)
.. you didn't get that aspect of it on the first viewing?

And dude, I've been trying really hard to keep the ears and eyes of Akadashi covered about Unbreakable because he hasn't seen it and I don't want him to know anything about it.

I don't think it's grand cinema, but definitely more enjoyable if you're just clueless about it.

The Village has made me vow to never see another one of that utterly self absorbed asshole's movies. He thinks FAR too highly of himself.
Aug. 21st, 2004 04:33 pm (UTC)
Nope--I got the aspect of "wasn't particularly impressed" on the first viewing. However, I've read very little in the way of comic books / graphic novels, so it's not a style I'd immediately recognize. (And I always read the back of the box before viewing a movie, and the back cover before reading a book. I like having a bit of a clue before going in, but not too much.

That said, I'm glad I didn't know the twist ending of The Sixth Sense before seeing it the first time, and I didn't pick up on it at all until it was revealed at the end. However, now that I know, I could still watch it and be impressed by how well it was handled throughout.
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