A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Well in the course of an evening we've pretty much changed every single bit of our wedding plan except the date.
Still 10/24/04.
That's uhm.. about it really aside from the whole... me and karl being there thing.

Time constraints mean that unless we drop the date (and the date has been the only thing I've been really sure about since the "yes I want to marry you" part), it's going to freakin kill us to plan a wedding at the place we'd been looking at (The Sanderling resort in Duck North Carolina), and still get all of the work leading up to it done and not be so fucking burnt out that we couldn't enjoy it.

Also, we can't really move the date. My work has beeen scheduled around this, Karl's time off is definitely set in stone... so if we want a honeymoon, it has to be 10/24.
(the date is also significant to us both, so that's important).

So, after an offhanded "I wanna go to vegas" remark from Karl last night I asked if he'd prefer that for a wedding, he asked if *I* would prefer that for a wedding and we got talking about this again.
I just tossed out a random "Yeah, I mean, I could see us getting married in the sculpture garden and the Hirshorn" and then about 10 minutes later we were both giddy about the idea.

Tiny marriage at the Hirshorn. Nice dinner out. Spending that night at the Ritz (using the gift night that Steph and Andre gave Karl for his birthday). Then flying out to London the next day for our honeymoon (4-5 days in London, then the Eurostar to Paris, finishing up with another 4-5 in Paris then the flight back home).
Then, when we get back home, a reception that will include all of our family, all of our friends, cutting of the cake, a chance to socialize and have that sort of engagement party/ bridal shower/ etc. that we aren't going to have time for before hand.

We will need a photographer that we like... some sort of flowers (small amounts). I need a dress and a passport. We need an officiant and a marriage license.

Pissing off my family is the last thing I want to do right now. It's not a matter of not including them, it's a matter of me taking one day out of my life to do something that is entirely about what I want for myself. I hope that once my mother hears this she will understand. I hope that as soon as she hears "Hirshorn" she'll get it. I've been in love with that building since I was 14 years old, it was the first sort of ... day out me and Karl had when we first met... I love the area... some of the best photographs I've ever taken were of that building... it's beautiful and meaningful and closeby and easier and it's just so damned *us* ...

I wasn't excited about my wedding. I was... but I wasn't. The details felt opressive. Planning felt huge... and the further we've gotten into it.. the less enthusiastic I've felt. My wedding will not be a chore. I don't want anything grand and I don't want anything typical no flock of white doves as we open the chapel doors kind of stuff. I want it to mean something to me and to Karl. That's all I want. I'm not asking much. It's what I want. Last night I was absolutely giddy to the point of not getting much sleep. It was that Santa's coming feeling. It was excellent.
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