A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Not dropping it yet, shirley

So someone wanders over from subbes's journal, gets way too pedantic about one of the posts... replies again and again with increasing levels of annoyance because I wasn't agreeing with his non-point and kept telling him things like... he was upping the vocabulary (he was) and that he was obviously feeling defensive about the topic (which I'm sure he was, really). So, 3 posts after saying he was through with this argument (heh) he posted this :

" Obviously you cannot be trusted to drop this, so, if you're wondering
where these all went, I removed them to preclude the possibility of you
continuing to use up my time and inbox feeding your desire for playing
some kind of immature internet game that you seem to have some whole
rulebook worked out for. Please stay away, and think about making your
journal friends-only in case any of the other adults stumble across it.

and then delted everything he'd posted. .

... duder pops up, posts a lot in my journal in an argument I made clear was pointless and then plays the "too mature for you" card and deletes everything (and manages to imply harrasment on my part at the same time)when I say for the 5th time or so that I don't really *care* about his point. I hate that whole "last word" shit when someone starts something. Sooo. I'm gonna have it instead. Heh.
This is a guy with a locked journal he keeps so he can write about/ post about bdsm, polyamory, being a dom and whatever else. How UTTERLY mature.

I'd actually like someone else to decipher his replies. I get "I'm an enormous twat" ... but then, my Pompous-Fuck-Head-With-A-Cause-To-Defend is a little rusty these days.
Anyone game?
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