A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Helllooooo Paris

Grande suite with king bed - Spacious sitting room. Dining room. Contemporary paintings. Luxury marble en-suite bathroom with double vanity, tub and separate shower. Direct dial two line phone. Sound proofing, 44 - 55 square metres. Contemporary decor. Air-conditioning, cable TV, CD player, VCR, fax machine, hairdryer, safe, mini bar, trouser press, direct dial phone with voice mail, work desk.

So we've revised the honeymoon. 8-9 days just in Paris instead of splitting it between London and Paris. Leisurely time... we can go to Champagne, we can just wander around, we can spend a day in Montmatre just standing there thinking "holy shit, Paris", we can smoke. ANYWHERE. Because it's Paris and the French smoke CONSTANTLY.

So... Honeymoon down or on it's way anyway.
Just uhm..
Dress (going hunting Sunday with Steph)
Place (narrowing it down. The Hirshorn says no)
Officiant (plenty available)
Flowers (a single bouquet... easy)
Photographer (ugh.. so hard to pick!)
Passport (got my stuff, just need to get in there and do it)
Marriage License (again, got the stuff. Ya know.. uhm.. blood...)

And I just have to find a way not to go batshit crazy with work in the mean time.

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